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Truth Seekers: Easier Relationships
By Increasing Self Knowledge


  • Are you unfilled in your current vocation?

  • Are you struggling with an important relationship?

  • Are you lacking passion ... feeling stuck or unsure how to move forward? 

  • Are you feeling like you're in limbo waiting for something to happen?

  • Are you wondering what your purpose is?

  • Are you curious how to live your fullest potential thru your relationships?

  • Would you like to consciously create the relationships
    you desire and dream about?

Your Soul record, the Akashic Records, aka Book of Life,

has detailed information on how your specific Soul is uniquely designed

to express Divinity thru your own physical experience.

This is called a Divine Soul Blueprint.  


It is a template for you Being you at a Soul level.

You gain understanding of yourself helps you relate well with others.

When we live our life according to our Divine Soul's Blueprint,
create a life full of abundance and joy.

Blueprint Fulfilled is expressing our Soul's unique vibrations, qualities, gifts and talents thru our passions and desires to create the experiences we want while living from our fullest potential.


This is very different from living to "discover"/"find" your Soul's specific "purpose"

or "role" in this life.

Your Soul's Destiny/Purpose/Role IS to create experiences that are in alignment with your Divine Soul's Blueprint - Blueprint Fulfilled.

Learning these new Truths about your Soul Self, increases your Self Knowledge.


With increased Self Knowledge, is increased Power...

The power to create relationships in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

This also means you have the power to choose which relationships work for you based on the Soul Truths revealed about you in your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Discover your Divine Soul Blueprint and begin experiencing easier relationships by starting with the relationship with your own Soul Self.

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