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1 - Soul Blueprint

 Blueprint Fulfilled

If you just want to dip your toe into something NEW, this is the place to start.


The Soul Blueprint reveals your Soul level vibrations, attributes and qualities.


This is the 1st step in Soul Realignment Readings.

***This is required before booking Soul Level Karmic Patterns***

2 - Soul Level Karmic Patterns

Blocks and Restrictions to Blueprint Fulfilled

2nd Step in Soul Realignment Readings. Or choose the combo option and save $15

Become conscious of Soul Level Karmic Patterns and Clear them.


Allow yourself to become aware of your Soul's blocks and restrictions.


Once consciously aware, you are able to choose to discontinue patterns that inhibit your ability to live Blueprint FulFilled.

***Please do NOT book unless you have already experienced 1 - Soul Profile reading***

3 - Soul Profile + Karmic Patterns

Blueprint Fulfilled & Karmic Patterns Combined

Learn your Soul Blueprint information 

and clear Soul level Karmic Patterns at the same time.

Save $15 with this 1.5 hour session that combines both

1 - Soul Blueprint reading with

2 - Soul Level Karmic Patterns.

Remote Property Clearing

Property like home, apartment, vacant land, farm or office each have their own energetic container

that benefits from energetic clearing of any negative/stagnant energies which may affect mood, stamina levels and sleep of the people on the property.

After a property clearing, people may feel brighter, have more stamina and may sleep better.

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