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Integrative Medicine Wellness Facilitator Trish Juen, BCTMB, is A Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Bodywork Therapist. Her ADVANCED BODY WELLNESS, LLC office is located in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Trish Juen

Technology Consultant turned Integrative Medicine Wellness Facilitator

After graduating from college with a business degree and a technology major, I worked as a technology consultant, traveling 100% of the time. During that period, I met and married my partner in life and moved to Minneapolis.

Years later, we became very involved in taking care of our four parents. Eventually, I became their full time patient advocate and caregiver. We both supported our parents through difficult life-changing illnesses that would eventually lead to their transitions.

When my sisters and I sorted through our parents things, we found an old cassette tape.  It had several recordings of my four sisters, parents and I playing with the tape player's microphone.  We listened to the tape, laughing with the memories. 

As we distinguished each other's voices, my young child voice came through loud and clear saying: "I want to be a doctor or nurse when I grow up.” … ..Ahh, I heard my own child voice with my ears, felt the words with my heart, and my Soul remembered!!!

I am now a Nationally Board Certified Therapeutic Bodywork Therapist with my own practice as an Integrative Medicine Wellness Facilitator. 

I provide a safe sacred space in which I bring all that I am to each session with you. 

I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your wellness journey.

Trish Juen, BCTMB


To provide clients a source of strength and encouragement for their healing journey in a compassionate and joyful encounter.



  • Certificate of Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU)

  • Yoga Teacher – 500 Hours 

  • Reiki – Master Level


  • CranioSacral Therapy – Upledger Institute

  • Visceral Manipulation (Organ Specific Fascia Mobilization) – Barral Institute

  • Neural Manipulation(Nerve Specific Fascia Mobilization) – Barral Institute

  • Healing Beyond Borders/Healing Touch International


  • Therapeutic Bodywork – Providing therapeutic bodywork with people experiencing various health conditions.

  • Energy Wellness–Providing Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki to people experiencing a variety of health states.

  • Yoga Instructor–Providing yoga instruction in a studio environment as well as one-on-one private arrangements.

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